Argan Oil

Argan Oil Remedies For Hair Loss

No more sleepless over hair fall. Sounds unbelievable? Its quite common to find your once crowning glory is finding more comfort on your pillow or floor, rather than on your scalp. Initially, we get frustrated then scamper for some homemade remedies to fix the problem. And here is our very own argan oil to fix our problem.

Need to Fix it!

Everyone loses hair. Few strands here, few strands there. While blow-drying hair or in the morning shower. It’s normal to lose strands up to a hundred a day. But sometimes we feel it is going out of control. We keep on net searching to get the best solution to stop hair fall. And here is one sure shot solution to keep hair fall at bay.

Curious to Know?

It is none other than our very own argan oil. We also call it “liquid Gold”. We use argan oil for cooking over centuries. But now beauty and personal care manufacturers are using it as a key ingredient in hair and skincare products. Do you want to know the reason behind its ample use in personal care products? Well,  its antioxidant properties are what alluring the personal care manufacturers and customers as well.

Home Remedies and Argan Oil

Before resorting to hair care clinics or asking doctors, you can try these home remedies. Believe me, It’s quite simple. You can make an argan oil mask at home. Here is how: Just combine it with other important ingredients like coconut oil and massage the potion into your hair and scalp for  10 minutes. Always make it ensure that oil covers from roots to ends. Then wrap your hair with a towel and keep it overnight. and wash your hair the next day. Sounds easy.

Something More  for You

Simply buy argan oil shampoo. Besides these, you can use it as a leave-in- conditioner or as a styling product. It may cost you more than regular coconut oil but its worth trying. After all, who does not want crowning glory in its place?

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