New Age Helmet: A New Riding Experience

Power of Sound

When a 300-cc bike makes that purring sound, don’t you get thrilled? Don’t you feel like to tame the beast or just get a ride and enjoy the speed? But taming the creature without a safety armor doesn’t sound thrilling. A protective armor a.k.a our very own motorcycle helmet which many bikers avoid wearing while riding. Some new age bikers find it uncool.

Why do We Need a Helmet?

Bikers are at high risk of being involved in a crash. In most high- income countries motorcycle fatalities comprise between 5% to 18%of overall traffic fatalities. In lower-income and middle-income countries, motorcycle ownership is generally higher than car ownership. For example, in India, the purchase of the motorcycle is comparatively higher than the top- income countries. It’s obvious that the fatality rate will be higher in these countries in comparison to developed countries. So, you can neglect a helmet but you can’ t avoid your own safety.

What Happens if You Shun Helmet for the Sake of Your Whims?

Injuries to head and neck if you get into an accident. Or maybe disability. In European countries, head injuries contribute approximately 75% of death among two-wheeler riders. In some lower-income countries, 88% of such fatalities consist of head injuries. Avoid injuries and feel safe with the motorcycle helmet, and innovations are the reasons enough to carry this shining armor with an élan. New age innovations are not only mesmerising but are also user-friendly. Though I don’t drive the developments and new technologies which are the current trends in the market is simply mind-boggling. How can a new age rider ignore it? 

New Technologies Enticing Modern-Day Knight Riders

The cooling system in the helmet is a system which fits snugly into all types of masks. The gel pack stays colder for longer and won’t drip. It is simple and very effective. Purpose of motorbike helmets is to protect the head. Reevu is manufacturing the world’s first motorbike with an integrated rear vision system that helps to prevent an accident.

App- Powered Audio where you can take calls, hear navigation instructions and communicate with fellow-riders by merely connecting it to your phone and last but not the least AR technology-enabled helmets. Sounds interesting? Recently, a rearview camera with a wide-view visor for a 360-degree view of the road has been introduced. Even some masks are offering wireless LED brake lights that get activated whenever you hit the brake.

A unique feature for solo riders is coming in the bike shop nearby you. A helmet-mounted camera will send text and email alerts to select emergency contacts in the case of an accident. The camera will detect a crash automatically and save the last two minutes of audio, video and other pertinent data to keep a record of what is being transpired. So, for what we are waiting? Let us get Vrooming!


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