Outsourcing Business Processes: Opportunities and Considerations

Outsourcing Business Processes: Opportunities and Considerations

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a business practice of engaging with a 3rd party to deliver services or produce goods, instead of performing them internally by the employees and staff.

Outsourcing Business Functions Opportunities

Companies outsource various tasks according to the availability of resources and experience in their field. Some popular Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) options include:

  • IT Services Outsourcing: This is one of the largest outsourcing services in the world. This often includes programming, website, and application development, as well as technical support. Usually, these companies provide 2 plans: On-Demand Assistance and Ongoing Assistance. The former handles the technological issues one might be facing, and the latter provides continuous support.
  • Logistics & Transportation Outsourcing: Logistics is one of the important functions for many industries. Many manufacturers and service providers outsource different parts of logistic functions from raw materials to the finished goods, such as shipping, storing, packing, and delivering goods. This protects resources and assures on-time delivery. It offers numerous benefits including cost savings, human capital reduction, and streamlined operations.
  • Legal Process Outsourcing: Beneficial government plans and policies are one of the major factors stimulating the growth of these services. E-discovery is the most favored platform staying settled in the LPO industry while offering litigation support, intellectual property support, contract drafting, and review.
  • Engineering Services Outsourcing: Companies are outsourcing these services to save overheads and improve efficiency. Services such as product design and development are been outsourced to save time and money for the company. Many automotive companies have adopted outsourcing of engineering services. These vendors in this domain cater to various industries including automotive, construction, and manufacturing.
  • Research & Development Outsourcing: Research is the key to running a successful business. Customer preferences, new product launches, expansion into a new market, research is the solution. It is not advisable to spend weeks or months examining your target audience. You can simply outsource this process to a specialized research firm. They have access to more resources and can provide valuable insights.
  • Marketing Services Outsourcing: Having outsourced this service, you obtain a crew of creative marketing experts with a comprehensive skillset at an affordable price. From graphic designers to marketing strategists, you get an experienced team accomplishing your company goals in a cost-effective way than hiring a full-time working team.
  • Human Resources Outsourcing: This comprises any tasks associated with employing, onboarding or leading your organization. The most familiar type of outsourcing in this domain is to engage with a recruiting service provider to hire suitable candidates for a new job position.
  • Sales Process Outsourcing: Even if you feel that third-party organizations wouldn’t do justice to your company’s mission, passion and conviction, you can consider taking a leap of faith. Their sales professionals are efficiently trained to pull the right strings when it comes to converting potential leads into customers.
  • Customer Relationships Management Outsourcing: It is rightly said that the trust that is established through relationships is hard to replace. This includes building healthy relations and providing customer support as and when needed. This eventually helps improve brand loyalty.

Above mentioned are some services which are generally outsourced in each industry. However, the healthcare industry has some more opportunities including Hospital Outsourcing and Medical Device Outsourcing. By outsourcing these functions, they can focus more on primary clinical operations. With the help of outsourcing, healthcare providers improve their productivity and offer better comfort and care to patients.

Considerations Before Making Your Outsourcing Decision

The key here is to identify the core and non-core activities of your business. Your core activities are the processes that are directly involved in the generation of revenue for your business. Non-core activities, although important, but do not contribute directly towards the revenue-making of your company.

For instance, the processes involved in producing baked items would be the core activity at a bakery, and the rest would be non-core activities. Companies can consider outsourcing the non-core activities, in order to focus completely on their core functions. In this case, the bakery owner can outsource marketing, human resources, and other functions, but the manufacturing (baking) process should be in-house.

Outsourcing services can help you in various areas but can also complicate some management aspects. It might lead to security and confidentiality issues. However, steps can be taken to ensure safe transactions and operations between your company and outsourcing companies.

Future of Outsourcing Businesses

Outsourcing might appear risky, but it’s not when you know which services to outsource. It offers great benefits to the companies and helps them optimize their existing resources.

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