Polystyrene Market Analysis including key players – BASF Corporation, Totalfina Elf, Videolar S/A.

Increasing demand for polystyrene in electronic appliances to promote growth in Polystyrene the market over 2018 to 2024

Polystyrene is a synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon polymer made from the monomer styrene. Polystyrene is economical and hard plastic in form of solid or foamed and polystyrene is generally hard, and clear. It has relatively low melting point. Polystyrene can be frequent use in thermal insulation industries, construction industry, automotive industry, packaging industry, electronics, consumer industry, and pharmaceuticals. Polystyrene is easily recycled and this is an opportunity for the extended polystyrene industry. Additionally, it is generally preferred in food packaging and laboratory ware. Due to its moisture resisting properties it increases the shelf life of perishable items such as fruits and vegetables.  Polystyrene is used in construction as permanent insulation in buildings. The polystyrene are arranged and then the forms are filled with concrete. With increasing population the demand for consumer products and home appliances is also increasing and this would indirectly generate the demand for polystyrene. Due to technological development the recycling of polystyrene is accessible. Waste produced from the products is not disposed off but it is converted into another products.

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Furthermore, rising building and construction, rising demand for polystyrene in electronic appliances, rising in packaging industries, change in household structures, growing rates of industrialization and globalization are some of the driving factors in the polystyrene market. On the contrary the demand for polystyrene is not rising enthusiastically as demand for other standard plastics owing to the arrival and availability of advanced substitutes and change in technology.

Asia Pacific region to contribute to growth in the global Polystyrene market over the next 6 years

Asia Pacific has dominated the growth in the Polystyrene market. Hetal Patel a research analyst at Infinium Global Research quoted that the growth in the Asia-Pacific market for Polystyrene is due to increasing consumers preference towards moisture resistance packaging that increase the shelf life of the food additionally, increase in construction and infrastructure sectors in the region is predicated to grow the market. Hetal Patel further quoted that China is the largest market among Asia Pacific followed by India owing to upsurge in demand for packaging industry, automotive and electronics industries.

New Launches to feature in the global Polystyrene market between 2018 and 2024

Dow has Launched Fully Recyclable Polyethylene Packaging Solution in India.

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics (P&SP), has developed an innovative formulation of polyethylene (PE) resins to create a new sustainable all PE laminate solution with flexible packaging applications.

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Leading Companies

Some of the leading companies covered in the report include manufacturers/suppliers of Polystyrene. The report profiles leading players in this market including The Dow Chemicals Company,   Total Petrochemicals, BASF Corporation, Totalfina Elf, Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation, Videolar S/A., ACH Foam Technologies Llc , Chevron Phillips Company., Ineos Styrenics,   and Alpek SAB DE CV .

Report highlights

The report provides deep insights on demand forecasts, market trends and micro and macro indicators. In addition, this report provides insights on the factors that are driving and restraining the demand of polystyrene globally as well as regionally. Furthermore, the report gives insights into the impact of reach on polystyrene market over the period of 2017 to 2023. Moreover, IGR-growth matrix analysis given in the report brings an insight on the investment areas that existing or new market players can consider. The report provides insights into the market using analytical tools such as porter’s five forces analysis and value chain analysis of polystyrene. Moreover, the study highlights current market trends and provides forecast from 2017 to 2023. We also have highlighted future trends in the polystyrene that will impact the demand during the forecast period. Moreover, the competitive analysis given in each regional market brings an insight on the market share of the leading players. Additionally, the analysis highlights rise and fall in the market shares of the key players in the market. This report will help manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of polystyrene to understand the present and future trends in this market and formulate their strategies accordingly.

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